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EMC / EMI Laboratory

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Conformity with standards and requirements in the area of Electromagnetic Compatibility / Interference (EMC/EMI) is mandatory in most worldwide markets. Because of this, the Telecommunication, Information Technology, Electro-Electronics and Medical Electrical Equipments, which are the most affected fields, may have IBEC as an option to help and advise them, offering testing and services that fit the national and international standards for Emission and Immunity.

The EMC laboratory complex consists on several laboratories. For example:

  • Shielded Semi-anechoic chamber with external dimensions of 21.4 x 12.25 x 9.16 meters. Such dimensions are enough for radiated emission testing with a 10 meter distance between the equipment and the antenna;
  • Testing area built in accordance to the requirements of ANSI C63.4 (FCC) and CISPR 16, made up of horizontal and vertical plans big enough to accommodate large-sized equipment. In this area, several kinds of Conducted Emission, Immunity and Resistibility tests are carried out;
  • Telecommunications Electrical Safety Laboratory;
  • Functional Telecommunications Testing Laboratory.

The most used tests are:

  • Radiated and conducted emission;
  • Flickers and harmonic currents
  • Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields;
  • Immunity and resistibility to surges on mains and commucation lines
  • Immunity to Electrotatic discharge;
  • Immunity to power frequency magnetic fields;
  • Immunity to Electrical fast transient & burst (EFT&B);
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests.

To get further details about the tests and standards, see Accreditation scope.