Practice Field

Climatic Laboratory

Climatic Laboratory

The Climatic laboratory is capable of satisfying the technological needs of the market.

The climatic chambers are totally programmable, allowing for the application of temperature levels and relative humidity levels in accordance to the main national and international standards. The laboratory has been conceived for carrying out tests on small, medium and large-sized systems and equipments, with the purpose of simulating the most diverse climatic and storage conditions.

The most commonly used tests are:

  • Performance assessment Test in relation to temperature and humidity conditions;
  • Components and products lifetime testing;
  • Thermocycling tests;
  • Aging acceleration burn-in so as to avoid early equipment failure problems;
  • Guard-band testing (humidity and temperature beyond the equipment functional specifications);
  • Four-corners testing (four temperature and humidity extremes);
  • Simulation tests of transportation conditions;
  • Simulation tests of storage condition.

The climatic test area of IBEC is made up of medium-sized chambers and a heater, with different features to comply with the most diverse needs of our clients.