About IBEC

IBEC is a Laboratory Complex that offers Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Interference (EMC/EMI) testing facilities, Electrical Safety, Vibration and Climatic. These facilities satisfy both national and international standards, allowing for the homologation and certification of products in national level with INMETRO, ANATEL and ANVISA , and also allowing for the removal of technical barriers in the international setting so as to obtain the CE Mark from the European Union, making the process of exporting products easy for its customers.

IBEC was founded in 1996, resulting from a partnership among IBM, INMETRO and Instituto Fluminense de Metrologia.

The donation to INMETRO of a facility complex formerly owned by IBM resulted in an Invitation to Bid, in order to outsource the laboratories. The Invitation to Bid was granted based on its technical capabilities and experience in fields related to the Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment.

IBEC offers testing in the EMC/EMI, Vibration, Climatic and others areas, which are pretty much unavailable inside the national market and have international quality standards, following the procedures and requirements of NBR ISO/IEC 17025.

We have the flexibility and agility that are necessary for the business world. Fast responses, available laboratories and execution of reliable service make IBEC your best option for developing and qualifying your products.